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Hi there!
"La beauté est partout" is a quote by August Rodin,
which means: beauty is everywhere.

This sentence really sums up the way I see life.

I truely believe that there is a beauty in everyone and everywhere.

I'm a photographer who specialize in people photography.
I love humans.

I love how they speak, look and how they express their faces and bodies.

Standing in front of a camera is not an easy task to do for most people. therefore, my main goal is to ease this situation and make you feel comfortable and calm.
when you feel comfort, your true personality will pop out.

Doing portraits of any kind: commercial, business, actors, models, personal photoshoot and many more!
I will love to make your visual dream come true!

La beauté est partout,
Dor Sebag

Dor showing pictuers in the camera to kids in South Africa
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